Adafruit 1.8" Colour TFT Shield microSD and Joystick

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  • With this shield you can add monitor to your Arduino projects easily. It has 1.8" dioganal true TFT montior with 128x160 colour pixels, 5- directioned joystick and micro SD card slot on it.

    Monitor on shield, only uses 4 pins for communication and has its own memory. Therefore pin and memory will not be a problem for you during projects. With inner 3.3V regulator and logic level converters on it, you can use it with 3/ 5V Arduinos flawlessly. TFT driver (ST7735R) can display full 18- bit colour (262144 shades). With FAT16/ 32 file formatted micro SD cards, you can upload image files on bitmap format and display them on monitor.

    For monitor connections, 13th, 11th ,10th and 8th pins are used on Arduino. When micro SD card connection is used 12th and 4th pins are also used. Analog 3 pin is only for joystick. Card is compatible with Arduino UNO and such cards ( cards like Mega which uses hardware SPI over software SPI, it works slower).

    Shield has headers with it but it is not soldered.

    Technical Specifications:
    • 1.8" LCD TFT monitor, 128x160 resolution, 18-bit (262144 colour)
    • Dimensions: 69mm x 53,5mm x 6,94mm
    • ST7735R LCD controller
    • 4 wired SPI interface
    • Inner micro SD card slot
    • Supports 5V/3.3V
    • Inner 3.3V regulator (LDO, 150 mA)
    • LED lighting for 2 inner LCD ; can be controlled with PWM
    Shield Type
    Display,Buttons or Joystick
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