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Relay/MOSFET Cards

What is a Relay: A relay is an electronic component used in switching high-current devices with low currents. In simple terms, when energy is applied to the relay's coil, the magnetized coil moves an armature to make contact, allowing the circuit to conduct.

What is a MOSFET: The acronym MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. MOSFETs are an advanced type of Field Effect Transistor (FET). They are also known as Metal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistors. 

Relay cards and MOSFET cards are indispensable components for electronic control systems. From this category, you can easily find various relay and MOSFET cards needed to control electrical circuits, switch devices, or process signals.

Relay cards are ideal for safely controlling electrical circuits in high-power applications. They transmit electrical signals through mechanical switches to open or close circuits. They are widely used in various fields, from industrial automation systems to automotive electronics.

MOSFET cards are designed for semiconductor-based power switching. They offer advantages such as fast switching speeds, high efficiency, and low heat production. They are essential, especially in power electronics projects and motor drivers.

There are various types of relays, which serve as switches in electrical circuits. Different types of relays are available for various applications, including Electromechanical Relays, Contactors, Thermal Relays, Solid-State Relays, Time-Delay Relays, Sensor Relays, Latching Relays, and more.

What is a Thermal Relay: A thermal relay is a type of relay used to protect devices that operate with electrical current by detecting overheating and preventing it by opening the circuit. Its name, "thermal," refers to its function of detecting and preventing overheating situations by opening the electrical circuit.

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