LCD and Key Pad Shield Compatible with Arduino

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  • LCD and Key Pad Shield is a vey popular Arduino Shield. It has 2x16 LCD monitor, 5 programmable push buttons and 1 reset button on it. All 5 buttons are connected to Arduino A0 pin with a special structure. Therefore 5 buttons can be read on one pin.
    LCD's contrast ca be set and back light can be turned on and off on software. It is an ideal shield for developing applications with Arduino independent from computer. User interface on LCD can be designed and data input can be provided by keys.
    • Operating Voltage: 5V
    • 5 push button
    • Unused pins are shifted out. Hereby can be used with different sensors and modules.
    • Inner potantiometer for contrast setting
    • Sizes: 80 x 58 mm
    Pin Layout:
    Arduino Pin Feature
    Analog 0 Button (select,up,down,left,right)
    D4 LCD DB4
    D5 LCD DB5
    D6 LCD DB6
    D7 LCD DB7
    D8 LCD RS
    D9 Enable
    D10 Back Lighting Control
    Shield Type
    Display,Buttons or Joystick
    Genuine or Clone
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