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This shield is designed for Arduino Nano, you can make Arduino Nano's pins layout same as standard shield's easily. Theredore you can use Arduino Shields with Nano.
Arduino pins are in 3-pin format (GND 5V Signal) so sensors and various input and output can be connected easily. Reset pin is carried on board and DC adapter input is 2.1 mm centre positive input just like other Arduino boards. 5V, 3.3V and GND power pins are multiplied and taken to the board.
Another feature of Nano Shield is that it can also be used with Uno, Mega and Leonardo not only Nano. Pins on board has standard pin layout and it can be stacked on other Arduinos by soldering Stackable Headers and you can start using card's adventages.
  • It is compatible with Arduino Nano, makes all pins layout same as shield's.
  • It can operate with Arduino Uno, Leonardo and Mega.
  • It has 3-pin layout to use various input and output such as sensors and servo motors easily. Each pin has ground and feeding pins aside.
  • Reset pin is carried on board.
  • There is an adapter on board for feeding voltage between 7-12V.
  • Board dimensions: 58x59mm

    Shield Type
    I/O and Prototyping
    Nano Proto Shield for Arduino
    Nano Proto Shield for Arduino
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