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Joystick Shield for Arduino

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  • Joystick Shield is a board which you can use with Arduino boards and makes your job really easy on both remote and game applications.
    There are two axis joystick, 4 large and 2 small control buttons on board. Also pins which you can connect nRF24L01 wireless communication module, are on shield. Additionlay, you can choose board's logic level as 3.3V or 5V with switch on board.
    Pins where joystick and buttons connected on board, are listed below. Additionaly, all units on board's outputs are in a section on board externally. Therefore you can use it with different systems easily.
    • Joystick X Axis: AN0
    • Joystick Y Ordinate: AN1
    • A Button: D2
    • B Button: D3
    • C Button: D4
    • D Button: D5
    • E Button: D6
    • F Button: D7
    • Joystick Button, KEY: D8
    For detailed information and board schematic you can check documents section.
    P.S: Board on sale's PCB is black coloured.
    P.S: Hence 5110 Screen in our site and 5110 connector on board have different pin sequence, screen cannot be used by directly stacking to board. Connection can only be made with a jumper cable externally.

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