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Robotistan Uno Project Kit - Compatible with Arduino (with Turkish Booklet)

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  • Robotistan Uno Project Kit - Compatible with Arduino (with Turkish Booklet)

    Arduino; It is a development platform where you can program with the easiest-to-learn programming languages ​​used by engineers, students, academics, artists and maker children in Turkey and all over the world.

    Arduino Project Set comes with Arduino microcontroller and dozens of components that you can use as integrated into the microcontroller. In the box, there are adapter, 9V battery and socket, which are necessary for Arduino's operation and code uploading, and data cable for data transfer. In addition, a medium breadboard and 80 jumper cables are included in the box so that you can easily set up and run your circuits.


    The "Arduino Application Book", which is included in the Arduino Project Set, will allow you to learn Arduino programming by making enjoyable projects. With the applications in the Arduino book included in the set content, it will help you take your basic Arduino knowledge to an advanced level, easily and with pleasure. One set, many projects !


    Set Content:


    Important note: Unlike the 9V/DC Motor pictured, the cables are sent without solder.



    Starter Set
    Project Set
    Arduino Uno Rev 3 (CH340 Clone)
    A to B USB Cable
    Medium Breadboard
    40 Pin Detachable Male - Male Jumper Cable
    330 Ohm Resistor
    10K Ohm Resistor
    5mm Red LED
    5mm Green LED
    10K Potantiometer
    5mm LDR
    HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
    Push Buton (4 Pin)
    LM35 Temperature Sensor
    Arduino Application Book (Sample Application - Video)
    Material Box
    40 Pin Detachable Male - Female Jumper Cable
    1K Ohm Resisstor
    5mm Yellow LED
    BC 547 NPN Transistor
    2x16 LCD Screen
    9V - DC Barrel Converter Cable
    IR Transceiver Control Set
    Sound Sensor Board
    2 Axis Joystick Module
    DC Motor
    PIR Sensor
    SG90 Servo Motor
    ESP8266 WiFi Module
    MQ-2 Gas Sensor
    Soil Moisture Detection Sensor
    12V 1A Adapter
    5V Relay Board
    HC06 Bluetooth Molule
    Geared Stepper Motor and Driver Board
    DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
    RC522 RFID NFC Kit
    Water Level Sensor
    DS1302 RTC Module

      Documentation and Useful Links

    * The 9V battery and Breadboard (Medium Size) product included in the set may differ from the image depending on the stock status. The power lines on the right and left can be single or double. It does not pose any problem in terms of use.

    Set Type
    w/ Book
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