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DVR8825 is an affordable stepper motor driver board that can go up to 1/32 microstep solution that can be used in projects , 3D printer, 2D plotter, cnc, general purpose bipolar and unipolar stepper motor control. DVR8825 has the same pin mapping as A4988, so it is easy to upgrade stepper driver from A4988 to DVR8825. The DVR8825 is ideal for large stepper motors, as it can provide apporoximately 1.5A per coil.

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Note1: Unipolar stepper motors required to change for can be used with this driver. You can watch this video for make this change

Note2: There is small difference between A4988 and DVR8825 about pin number 10. A4988 has VDD,but DVR8825 has FAULT pin.

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  • DVR8825 Step Motor Driver board (Pins soldered.)
  • Mini Heat Sink

Products can be used with DVR8825

Technical Specification:

  • Same pin mapping with A4988
  • 6 different step resolution: full-step, half-step,1/4-step,1/8-step,1/16-step ve 1/32-step
  • 2V - 45V operate voltage
  • 5A current output per channel
  • 2A max current output per channel (peak)
  • Adjustable current control
  • Reverse current protection
  • Over-temperature thermal shutdown, over-current shutdown, and under-voltage lockout


DRV8825 Step Motor Driver Board
DRV8825 Step Motor Driver Board
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