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Thermal Sensor Relay Module - 5V

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  • Thermal Sensor Relay Module - 5V

    The thermal sensor module is a temperature-controlled relay, you can turn the relay on and off when the temperature is higher/lower than the temperature you set. Peak voltage capability is up to 250V at 10A at AC and 30V at 10A at DC. With this module, it will be much easier to perform applications that require automatic on/off according to temperature changes. You can use the built-in potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. Indicates that the relay and signal LED will turn ON/OFF when the temperature is higher/lower than the threshold set by the potentiometer.


     Thermal Sensor Module Pin Diagram:


    Thermal Sensor Module Technical Specifications:

    • Power Supply Voltage: 5V/DC
    • Input Current: >150mA
    • Load: 250V 10A/AC - 30V 10A/DC
    • It has LED indicator.


    Thermal Sensor Module Dimensions:


    What is Relay?

    A relay is a circuit element used to switch devices that draw high currents using low currents. Briefly, the working principles: When the coil of the relay is energized, the magnetized coil moves an armature, allowing the contacts to contact each other and conduction is provided in the circuit. 

    Can You Use Relay Module with Arduino?

    You can easily use a 5V relay thanks to the 5V part on the Arduino pins.


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