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Sixfab Wireless Sensor Network Development Board

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  • WSN Dev. Kit is a board that combining Arduino and Sub1 GHz communication module with the rechargeable battery functionality. It has Atmega 328 microcontroller and cc1101 868 Mhz radio module.There are also built-in humidity and temperature sensors. You can also connect Arduino compatible sensors by using the open pins and vary your project.

    This product will reach your hand together with the rechargeable CR123a battery.

    Note: Battery brand may not be the same as the photo.


    • Use only 3.7V CR123A Rechargeable battery with WSN Dev. Kit
    • All data pins work with 3.3V reference. Any other voltage level should harm your device.
    • “PIN<>USB” switch should be “USB” side for programming
    • Battery begins to charge when you plug the USB. If the battery is full, please unplug the USB for longer battery life.

    Sixfab Wireless Sensor Network Development Board Features


    • 868 MHz Wireless Communication (Up to 100 meters outdoor)
    • Easy programming with Arduino nano-based microcontroller
    • Rechargeable 1200 mAh Li-on Battery
    • Built-in temperature sensor (HDC1080) (-40 +125 C)
    • Built-in humidity sensor (HDC1080) (0% 100%)
    • Easy charge with micro USB socket
    • Communication and programming via micro USB socket
    • 3 user LED’s
    • Easy connection to external sensors (SPI, I2C, Analog Pins and General IO Pins)
    • Usage without battery via micro USB socket
    • SMD chip antenna
    • Uart switching (USB<>Open pins)

    Sixfab Wireless Sensor Network Development Board Pinout


    • node to node wireless communication
    • smart farming sensor networks
    • smart cities sensor networks
    • smart home sensor networks
    • Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networks
    • Smart door lock
    • Smart lightning
    • Custom Remote Controller

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