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XMotion Robot Control Board

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Making Robots Is Easier With XMotion Robot Control Board!

What is XMotion?
XMotion is an Arduino based control card that you can easily make robot projects. It has an Arduino circuit, motor drivers, voltage regulator and additional circuits.
With its protection features, you can easily and quickly do many robot projects.
In addition, XMotion offers you ready-made infrastructure for coding. With a simple learning curve, you can do dozens of projects with examples.

XMotion applications
XMotion applications
What is Different in XMotion?
XMotion is very useful with dimensions of 8x3 cm and high output power.
When doing a project, you should start with the highest potential. XMotion will present you with this potential. Now let's get to know these features:
First, XMotion is entirely Arduino based. You can easily program with Arduino software.
What Can You Make With XMotion?
  • Mini sumo robot
  • Line following robot
  • Obstackle avoiding robot
  • Mini explorer robot
  • Bluetooth control projects
  • Light following robot
  • All projects using Arduino

XMotion Features:
  • Small size. A very important factor in our design is size but control design at the same time. It is only 80x30x12mm without any restrictions in its features.
  • 6 Amps x 2 Channel Motor control outputs. These outputs can provide high current and provide enough current for small, medium robot projects. This is 2-3 times higher than output powers of other control boards. In addition, the motor outputs have short-circuit protection.
  • The power input is reverse electrical protected. The card protects itself when you plug it backwards.
  • Built-in regulator can operate up to 28V! (for standart Arduino cards, this voltage is 15V and generates a lot of heat)
  • You can program with the micro USB port on the bottom of the card. The Atmega32U4 processor on the board has the Arduino Leonardo bootloader installed. You can program easily.
  • LC T filter is used in analog reference voltage circuit. You can get more stable readings.
  • There are additional analog components such as a trimpot, voltage sensor, and so on. You can create controls that do not work at low voltage, which controls the battery status.
  • With the built-in soldering pads on the bottom, you can connect up to 8 sensors or circuits to the XMotion.

XMotion karşılaştırma tablosu
XMotion Robot Control Board Technical Specs:
  • Microcontroller: ATmega32u4, Arduino installed Leonardo bootloader
  • Voltage regulator: Switched (SMPS), 7-28V input, 500mA output, short-circuit protection
  • Motor drivers: 6A output, MOSFET based
  • User programmable 2 LEDs
  • 2 LEDs showing motor directions
  • Launch button and pin
  • 3 position (8 combination) DIP switch
  • Multi-layer, low ESR capacitors
  • Resistor protected microcontroller pins
  • Trimpot connected to analog input
  • Up to 30V input provided by voltage divider
  • Reverse voltage, 5V short-circuit, short-circuit of motor output and protection against overheating in regulators
  • Micro USB connection
  • 3.5mm and 2.54mm terminal connections for motor and power connection
  • 4 digital and 4 analog input / output pins under the card
  • Dimensions: 80mm x 30mm x 12mm
  • Weight: 13gr

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XMotion Robot Control Board
XMotion Robot Control Board
1,263.61 TL + VAT
1,516.33 TL
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