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SeeedStudio EdgeBox ESP-100 Industrial Controller

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  • EdgeBox-ESP-100

    EdgeBox-ESP-100 displays a lightweight and multi-functional controller image. It carries a variety of wireless capabilities and Multiple Fieldbus, making it a standalone PLC for field automation applications or enabling it as an industrial networking product to deliver communication power to the original PLC to network and cloud. It is an ESP32-controlled controller to use for lightweight automation solutions. PID control loops offer analog input for efficient monitoring and control of a remote pulse, ideal for logical sequence control or a network resources with flexible wireless and area sensors expansion. It offers CAN servers, RS485 Fieldbus components and rich IO resources for expansion placement and sensor input for both digital and analog signals. It is perfectly satisfactory for PLC and field automation applications. It can be used to create an industrial network that allows the original PLC to be connected to the network or cloud, thanks to the e Wi-Fi and BLE cells on the chip and the Cellular 4G LTE module. It has an aluminum alloy enclosure where the supply hardware sustains an electrical enclosure and has a wide temperature range, providing high surge and short circuit protection for various distribution methods depending on usage.

    EdgeBox-ESP-100 Usage Areas:

    • SCADA
    • Industrial Controller
    • Proportional, Integral, and Derivative (PID) control circuits
    • Logical Sequence Control
    • Industrial Gateway


    EdgeBox-ESP-100 Technical Specifications:

    • Processor: ESP32S3
    • Memory: 512KB + 8MB RAM
    • Storage: 16 MB Flash
    • WiFi: 2.4GHz
    • Bluetooth: 5.0 BLE
    • Ethernet: 100M RJ45
    • USB: 2.0
    • DC Input Voltage: 24V
    • Analog Input: 0 ~ 20 mA
    • Analog Output: 0 ~ 5V
    • Power Supply: 10.8V ~ 36V

    EdgeBox-ESP-100 Size:
     seeedstudio-edgeboxesp-endustriyelkontrolcihazi-2.jpeg (41 KB)

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