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CJMCU-9930 Close and Non- Contact Gesture Detection and Attitude Sensors APDS-9930

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  • CJMCU-9930 Close and Non- Contact Gesture Detection and Attitude Sensors APDS-9930

    The sensors that trigger the movement of objects, objects and living things with infrared, ultrasonic, microwave and vibration methods are called motion sensors. CJMCU-9930 provides full performance thanks to the APDS-9930 sensor inside. It can easily detect objects and objects at short distances. In addition, it can be used in various projects thanks to its 16-bit resolution.


    CJMCU-9930 Gesture Detection Sensor Technical Specifications:

    • Resolution: 16 Bit
    • Output Type: Digital
    • ALS, IR LED and Proximity Detector in Optical Module: Yes
    • Ambient Light Detection (ALS): Yes
    • Programmable Interrupt Function with Upper and Lower Threshold: Yes
    • Proximity Detection: Yes
    • Integrated IR LED and Synchronous LED Driver: Yes
    • Programmable Standby Timer: Yes
    • Programming Time: 2.7ms > 8ms
    • I2C Interface Compatibility: Yes
    • Special Interrupt Pin: Yes


    CJMCU-9930 Gesture Detection Sensor Dimensions:


    CJMCU-9930 Gesture Detection Sensor Usage Areas:

    • Control of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures
    • Security cameras and alarm systems
    • Climate control
    • IoT applications etc. used in many fields.


    Does the CMJCU-9930 work through dark glass?

    The CMJCU-9930 can operate behind dark glass. It also provides trouble-free use in low light (0.01 lux).

    How do motion sensors detect it?

    There are two kinds of detection methods for motion sensors. The first is sensing by emitting ultrasonic sound waves, and the sensors that do this are called active sensors. The other method is to detect the infrared energy used by passive sensors.


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