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Stepper Motor Driven Peristaltic Pump

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: 1,253.84 TL + VAT
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: 1,504.61 TL
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Peristaltic pumps are used for transfering the fluids safely and easily. It is preferred frequently in medical and nutrition applications through to the pump's internal part does not contact with the fluids in any way.

This micro preistaltic pump is working with 12V voltage. The hose can be replaced. Because it does not have any structure such as valve, selenoid etc. The pump can be used bi-directional.

Technical specs:

  • Speed range: 1-50 RPM
  • Speed resolution: 0.1 RPM
  • Power: < 10W
  • Working conditions: 0-40 °C, < %80 relative hum.
  • Size: NEMA 42
  • Pump weight: 80gr
  • Motor weight: 400gr
  • Protection: IP31
  • Flow rate: 0-160 mL/dk
Stepper Motor Driven Peristaltic Pump
Stepper Motor Driven Peristaltic Pump
1,253.84 TL + VAT
1,504.61 TL
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