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PE/PTFE/Nylon Plastic Tube Cutter

Plastic Tube Cutter, made of ABS material, this product is impact resistant. Since it has a 304 stainless steel blade, it is sharp and resistant to abrasion and has the ability to change the blade whenever you want. Thanks to its high cutting edge hardness, it minimizes the risk of leakage caused by irregular cutting. It can cut PE/PTFE/Nylon types of plastic pipes.

Plastic Tube Cutter Technical Features;

  • Weight: 32g
  • Cutting Range: 0 / 19mm
  • Length: 8cm
  • Width: 2.3cm
  • Height: 2.5cm
PE/PTFE/Nylon plastic pipe cutter
PE/PTFE/Nylon plastic pipe cutter
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71.29 TL
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