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This is a solenoid module which can be used as lock at your projects. When the supply is given, lock bolt gets in.

Through internal 2 philips headscrewdriver, lock bolt can be turned to every direction. Operation voltage is between 9V and 12V. Draws current up to 500mA. 9V batteries can't provide this current. You need to build a circuit for draw this lock with Arduino and other microcontrollers. Click for the example schematic.

Technical Features:

  • Operation Voltage: 12V DC (Works slowly at 9V)
  • Operation current: 500 - 650 mA
  • Activation time 1-10 sn
  • Maximum dimensions: 41.85 mm x 53.57 mm x 27.59 mm
  • Dimensions: 23.57 mm x 67.47 mm x 27.59 mm
  • Weight: 147.71 gr

Click for mechanical design.


Solenoit Locking Latch
Solenoit Locking Latch
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