RC522 RFID NFC Kit - RC522 RFID NFC Module, Card and Keyring Kit

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  • RC522 RFID is a small sized card with NFC frequency and low power consumption whşch operates at 13,56 MHz frequency band and can do reading and writing operations on tags.
    It can be used with many microcontroller platfoms, Arduino at first. It has 424 Kbit/s communication speed. It supports different encryption types on RFID. Supported card types are; mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70 mifare ultralight, mifare pro and mifare desfire.

    P.S: It does not support RFID cards which operate at 125 KHz frequency range. It supports only the cards which operate at 13,56 MHz frequency range. It can be used with NFC boards hence NFC modules operates at the same frequency range.

    Kit İncludes:
    • RC522 13,56 MHz NFC Reader Module
    • 13,56 MHz NFC Card
    • 13,56 MHz NFC Keyring
    • Headers

    • Operating Frequency: 13,56 MHz
    • Operating Current: 13-26mA
    • Slepp Current: <80 ua="" span="">
    • Communication Protocol: SPI
    • Supported Cards: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70 mifare ultralight, mifare pro and mifare desfire
    • Card Dimensions: 40x60mm


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