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Raindrop Detection Sensor Module (With 5V Relay Module)

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Raindrop Detection Sensor Module (With 5V Relay Module)

The Raindrop Detection Sensor Module is basically a sheet of nickel coated in lines. It works on the principle of resistance. It consists of two modules, a rain board that detects the rain and a control module that compares the analog value and converts it to a digital value. The sensor is a resistive dipole that exhibits less resistance when wet and more when dry. It increases the resistance when there are no raindrops, so a higher voltage is taken according to V=IR. When there is a raindrop it reduces the resistance because water is an electrical conductor and the presence of water connects the nickel lines in parallel thus reducing the resistance and reducing the voltage drop across it. Raindrop sensors can be used in the automobile industry to automatically control windshield wipers, in the agriculture industry to detect rain, and are also used in home automation systems.

Raindrop Detection Sensor Module Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 5V/DC
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Output Types: Analog - Digital
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • Compatible with TTL
  • Bolt holes are available for easy installation.

Raindrop Detection Sensor Module Pin Diagram:

yagmur-damlasi-algilama-sensor-modulu-pinout (1).jpg (18 KB)

Raindrop Detection Sensor Module Dimensions:

yagmur-damlasi-algilama-sensor-modulu-olculeri.jpg (20 KB)

Raindrop Detection Sensor Module Package Contents:

  • Rain Sensor
  • Sensor Output Comparator Circuit
  • Jumper Cables

Where to Use Raindrop Detection Sensor Module?

  • It can be used to stop irrigation systems in rainy weather.
  • It is used as a vehicle rain sensor in automobiles. It is used to activate the working and stopping modes of the front-rear wiper motors and provides driving safety.
  • It provides the operation of rain deflectors to protect the feed channels of satellite communication antennas from raindrops.

Raindrop Detection Sensor Module Analog or Digital?

Raindrop detection sensor can give both analog and digital output. It is extremely easy to use and has 4 pins to connect. A0 (Analog Output) pin gives us an analog signal between (0V-5V). D0 (Digital Output) pin gives a digital output as 0 or 1 over the comparator circuit.

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Raindrop Detection Sensor Module (With 5V Relay Module)
Raindrop Detection Sensor Module (With 5V Relay Module)
116.33 TL + VAT
139.59 TL
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