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Easy useage Nokia 5110 screen which you can use with Arduino and different microcontrollers is a great graphic LCD for your projects. Its control pins are drawn out by placing it on a PCB. Therefore it can be used in breadboards or different circuits easily.

This LCD module uses Philps' PCD8544 driver (Nokia 3310 driver). It is a common driver in 84x48 pixel graphic screens. Therefore there are many example application and library.

  • It is the screen in Nokia 3310.
  • Uses Philps PCD8544 driver.
  • Can be controlled with many platforms, Arduino at first.
  • Dimensions: 45x43mm.
  • Pins are at 3.3V level. Can be adjusted to 5V systems with some resistor. Check the documents section for more detailed information.


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Alfanümerik, LCD


Nokia 5110 Screen - 84x48 Graphic LCD
Nokia 5110 Screen - 84x48 Graphic LCD
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