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Graphical LCD Serial Converter Board

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Graphical converter board controlled via serial UART communication interface can be used with 160x128 and 128x64 pixel graphical screens. By using these board, you will add LCD screen to your projects by occupying less number of you microcontroller's or Arduino's pins.

You can write something LCD or draw 2D pictures or control each pixel or adjust back lights via this board. Additionally there is a function to reverse the whole screen. All configurations done by Atmega168 microdcontroller on the board and all the source codes are avaible. It is possible to set the board for 160x128 or 128x64 pixel screens by using the soldering jumper on the board.

Technical Features:

  • Operating voltage: 6-7 V DC
  • Operating current: 200 mA (for %100 brightness)
  • Serial port in: 0 - 5 V
  • Reconfigurable baud rate (115200 as default)
  • Writing and 2D drawing support
  • Trimpot controlled contrast setting
  • Back lights control
  • Sizes: 51 x 28 mm

Graphical LCD Serial Converter Board
Graphical LCD Serial Converter Board
772.68 TL + VAT
927.22 TL
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