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BC547 - TO92 Transistor

A transistor is a semiconductor circuit element that we can use to amplify or switch small electrical signals. We can control the electrical signal applied to one of the legs (B-Base) of a transistor with 3 or more legs and the electrical current between the other legs (Collector-C and Emitter-E). This transistor can be used in your Flip-Flop circuits, low power amplifier circuits, switching It is an NPN transistor with TO-92 cover that you can use in your circuits and many similar projects. You can use it in your Arduino and other microcontroller projects.

npn transistör sembolü

Flip-Flop Circuit Diagram:

örnek-flip-flop.jpg (11 KB)

BC547 TO-92 Specifications:

  • Model: BC547 TO-92
  • Type: NPN
  • Max. Current: 100mA
  • Max. Voltage: 45V

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BC547 - TO92 Transistor
BC547 - TO92 Transistor
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