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DHT 11 temperature and humidity is a sensor unit that is able to generate calibrated digital output signals. It is very reliable and stabile for long periods of operation. It contains a 8 - bit microcontroller internally and responses clear and fast.

It is able to measure temperature between -40 and 80 degrees with -/+ 1 degrees of error margin, likewise, it is able to measure humidity between 0% RH to 100% RH with +/- 5% RH of error margin. It is possible to collect data from this breakout once in 2 seconds. DHT22 is a bit larger than the other models of DHT sensors.


  • One of the highes performance products of DHT series
  • Generates digital signals as output
  • Operating voltage: 3.3 V to 5 V DC
  • Measuring range:

-Humidity: 0-100%RH
-Temperature: -40 - 80 °C

  • Precision:

-Humidity: +/- %3 (Max %5) RH
-Temperature: < +/- 1 °C

  • Measuring Periaod: 2 s
  • Sizes of product: 22 mm x 28 mm x 5 mm

Note: It is needed to wire a pull-up resistor between the Vcc and the output pins. By this reason, You will need to use is with a resistor between 4.7 k and 10 k. As the DHT11 is a similar version of this product, all the projects done with this sensor will work on the other model too.


DHT22 Temperature and Humidty Sensor
DHT22 Temperature and Humidty Sensor
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