ACS712 Current Sensor Carrier -30A to +30A

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- 220V ile Kullanım Hk. - , Merhabalar. Ürün datasheet'inde belirtildiği üzere 220V ile kullanıma uygundur. Teşekkür ederiz.
5/ 5
- CEVAP:SAPMA - , Merhabalar, Bu ürünümüzün sapma değeri %5in altındadır ve hassasiyeti 66 mv/A dir.
5/ 5
- - , Merhabalar Bu sensör 220v akım'ı ölçer mi ?
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- sapma - , değer çok fazla sapıyor kullanışsız
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  • This board is a simple carrier of Allegro’s ±30 A ACS712T ELC-5B Hall effect-based linear current sensor. This version accepts a bidirectional current input with a magnitude up to 30 A and outputs a proportional analog voltage centered at Vcc/2 with a typical error of ±5%. It's output is analog (66 mV/A).

    • Designed for bidirectional input current from -30 A to 30 A (though the robust sensor IC can survive up to five times the overcurrent condition).
    • Conductive path internal resistance is typically 1.2 mΩ.
    • Use of a Hall effect sensor means the IC is able to electrically isolate (up to 2.1 kV RMS) the current path from the sensor’s electronics, which allows the sensor to be inserted anywhere along the current path and to be used in applications that require electrical isolation.
    • 80 kHz bandwidth.
    • Good accuracy and reliability: factory calibration results in a typical total output error of ±5% at room temperature, the output offset voltage is extremely stable, and the sensor has zero magnetic hysteresis.
    • Operating temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

    • Minimum Operating Voltage: 3V
    • Maximum Operating Voltage: 5.5V
    • Weight: 1.0 gr


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