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0.96 Inch I2C OLED Screen - SSD1306

0.96 inch I2C OLED Display - SSD1306, you can easily use it in your arduino and other microcontroller projects, thanks to its low energy consumption and thin - light weight. This product, which is 
128 x 64 in size, uses the I2C protocol, so less pin printers in your projects. There is also the ability to use more than one house by changing the I2C address with the solder jumpers on the board.
It draws current around 20 mA on average.

0.96 inch I2C OLED Display - SSD1306 Specifications:

No backlight required, the product is self-luminous
High Definition: 128*64
Viewing Angle: > 160°
Widespread platform support: Fully compatible with Arduino, 51 Series, MSP430 Series, STM32/2, CSR IC and so on.
Ultra-low power consumption: Full screen bright: 0.08W
Voltage: 3V ~ 5V DC
Operating Temperature: -30 to +70C
Module Dimensions: 27.0mm * 27.0mm * 4.1mm
I2C/IIC Interface only requires 2 pins.
Driver IC: SSD1306
Product pin order; "GND - VCC - SCL - SDA"

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0.96" Inch Blue I2C IIC OLED LCD Module 4pin (with VCC GND) SSD1306 Chip
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