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SIM800L GPRS Module

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  • SIM800L GPRS Module

    The development module with SIM800L module makes use of GSM and GPRS with design cards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Using this card, it is possible to send and receive SMS, by continuing. The SIM800 L case on the card has GSM unit and GPRS receiver cover. SIM800L is a small module with GPRS operation, sending and receiving SMS and voice calling. The low four quads are a small footprint, perfect for a project from any long range solution of this type. After powering up, it searches the network and connects automatically. Internal LED indicates connection status. (see: not covering the environment, slowly slowing down: opening )

    SIM800L GPRS Module Technical Specifications:

    • Supply voltage: 3,8V - 4,2V
    • Recommended supply voltage: 4V
    • Power consumption:
    • sleep mode <2.0mA
    • Empty mod <7.0mA
    • GSM transmission (average): 350 mA
    • GSM transmission (peek): 2000mA
    • Module size: 25 x 23 mm
    • Interface: UART (maks. 2.8V) ve AT commands
    • SIM card socket: microSIM (underside)
    • Supported frequencies: Quad Band (850/950/1800/1900 MHz)
    • Antenna connection: IPX
    • Status signal: LED
    • Operating temperature range: -40 ila + 85 ° C
    • ATE0
    • AT+IPR=9600  
    • ATE0&W
    • Code to be given for all baud rate Operation
    • AT+IPR=0

    Right Pins:

    • NET - antenna
    • VCC : power voltaj
    • RESET : reset
    • RXD : serial communication
    • TXD :  serial communication
    • GND - ground

    Left Pins:

    • RING 
    • DTR : sleep mode 
    • MICP, MICN : microphone (P + / N -)
    • SPKP, SPKN : speaker (P + / N -)

    Important Note 1 : If there is no communication with the sim module at commands, if there is a question mark as an answer, you can use these operations on the 9600 by making the process result 115200 baud rate on the arduino and resetting the sim800 module.

    Important Note 2 : The SIM800 module draws a large amount of current when connecting with base stations, so the supply plays a very important role. If you are feeding the module directly with Arduino, most of the time the module will not work or it will not be able to connect with the base station. For this reason, it should be fed with a constant current with voltage regulators such as lm2596. The module draws 3.7 - 4.2 mAh of current and this current must be stable. If the sim card you are using cannot communicate with the GSM Operator, the problem is probably due to the supply. In addition, the Pin Code of the sim card you are using must be closed.

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