15A 400W PWM Supported MOSFET Swtiching Module

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  • You can switch loads up to DC 5-36V/15A with this module. It operates like a relay board. Supports PWM input for proportional control (i.e DC motor speed control).

    Technical specifications:

    • Operating voltage: DC 5-36V
    • Trigger source: Digital high-low (DC3.3V-20V) (can be connected IO port of microcontroller,
      PLC interfaces, DC power, etc. The module can access PWM signal, which can perfectly supported the frequency of 0-20KHZ)
    • Output current: 15A continuous, 30A burst
    • Output power: 400W max.
    • Operating temperature: -40~85°C
    • Dimensions: 34 × 17 × 12mm
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