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W3230 Digital Temperature Controller - 12V

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W3230 Digital Temperature Controller - 12V

With its wide temperature measurement range, the Digital Temperature Controller quickly reads and clearly prints the temperature values ​​you need to read in your hobby projects and industrial projects via the water and dust resistant temperature sensor. Thanks to the relay in this controller, you can control one or more devices up to "250V/AC 10A" , "12V/DC 20A" loads by setting a desired temperature level using the keys and digital display and programming the relay to trigger when the temperature reaches that level.

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W3230 Digital Temperature Controller Technical Specifications:

  • Model: W3230
  • Operating Voltage: 12V/DC
  • Temperature Measurement and Control Range: -50C - +120C
  • Measurement Accuracy: 0.1C
  • Carrying Voltage Values ​​of the Relay: "250V/AC 10A" , "12V/DC 20A"
  • Sensor model: NTC10K (Water and Dustproof)
  • Sensor Cable Length: 95cm

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W3230 Digital Temperature Controller - 12V
W3230 Digital Temperature Controller - 12V
110.95 TL + VAT
133.14 TL
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