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2 Way 12V Relay Module

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2 Way 12V Relay Module

2 Way 12V Relay Module is a relay board that you can control it's contacts with 12V via Aruino or another microcontroller board. The relays on the board are relayed by 12V and the board's supply voltage is 12V. The board has a 5V voltage reguator on it and it supplies 5V output. Thus, microcontrollers and systems can be supplied via this relay board.

The 5V pin on the board is an output so do not try to give 5V in through this pin. You might cause damage to the board in that case.

It draws 20mA of current from microcontroller when triggering. It is used frequently in hobby, industrial and robotic projects.

It can relay current up to 10A at 30VDC or 220VAC. The board has control LEDs for each relays.
Relays are triggered with logic 0 (0V).Relays are triggered with logic 0 (0V).

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2 Way 12V Relay Module
2 Way 12V Relay Module
41.94 TL + VAT
50.32 TL
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