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Pure Copper Heatsink Pack x 5

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    This high quality, low profile, pure copper heatsink is a perfect solution for cooling off small surface-mount components such as stepper motor drivers, SOCs or a LattePanda. The pure copper increases heat dissipation and transfer to keep your device running cooler in warm environments. This pack includes a total of 5 pieces, perfect for covering all heat sources on a LattePanda to ensure it works at a stable temperature.
    Pure Copper Heatsink Pack with LattePanda
    Pure Copper Heatsink Pack with LattePanda

    These heatsinks also fit perfectly inside wood and acrylic LattePanda cases


    • Pure copper
    • Includes adhesive pad
    • Dimensions (per unit): 13.2 x 12.1 x 4.8 mm / 0.52 x 0.48 x 0.19"
    • Weight: 32g


    • Self-adhesive Pure Copper Heatsink (FIT0367) x 5
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