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Aluminum Block Cooler Set

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Aluminum Block Cooler Set

It is a light, aluminum heatsink set that you can use on many mini computer boards and electronic boards, especially Raspberry Pi. The aluminum heatsink is self-adhesive. By balancing the temperature of your microprocessors with aluminum coolers, you can extend the life of your processors and increase their durability.

Aluminum block cooler models are compatible with all 2/B+/A+/B models. All three coolers can be used with the Model B. Model 2/B+/A+ cards do not require a heatsink. For this reason, it is sufficient to use two of these models, the processor and the LAN driver.


Aluminum Block Cooler Set Technical Specifications:

  • SOC Cooler Size: 14x14mm
  • Voltage Regulator Cooler Size: 9x9mm
  • LAN Soğutucu Size: 9x9mm


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Aluminum Block Cooler Set
Aluminum Block Cooler Set
36.69 TL + VAT
44.03 TL
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