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ISD1820 Record and Play Modul

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This is a voice recorder modul contains ISD1820 IC to be used on microcontroller platforms like Arduino.

It is possible to record 10 s natural voices by this breakout. The modul plays the voice with 0.5 W and 8 Ohm speaker. It is needed to by an external speaker, speker is not in the kit. Click here to buy a speaker.

All the controller pins of the ISD1820 IC is placed on the PCB with headers. This allows the board to be controlled via Arduino and many other microcontrollers.

Usage of the Breakout:

Recording Mode:

When the REC button is pressed, the RECLED LED will turn on and the board will start recording. The REC button must stay pressed along the recording period. Then you can set free the REC button.

Playing Mode:

There are 3 different playing modes on the board. When the PLAYE button pressed for once, The breakout will keep playing until the record ends or the supply voltage is turned off. When the PLAYL button is pressed, the record will be played as long as the button stays pressed. When the REPEAT switch is turned on (right side), the record will keep playing as long as the switch stays on or the supply voltage is turned off.

It is possible to wire an amplificator to the speaker out and get more powerful voices.


  • Operating voltage: 3.3 V (higher voltages will harm the circuit)
  • PCB dimensions: 37 mm x 54 mm
ISD1820 Record and Play Modul
ISD1820 Record and Play Modul
75.46 TL + VAT
90.55 TL
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