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IR Receiver Module Wireless Remote Control Kit

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IR wireless remote controller set is a very functional and simple product that is suitible for robotic and hobby DIY applications. There are every essential components in the kit.

There is a 38 kHz 1838B IR reciver eye on the receiver side. It is also possible to use this remote controller with different 38 kHz recievers together. The controller is a full functioned device with 21 buttons (all of them are available). You will find f - f jumpers in the kit to make wiring easy.

NOTE: You have buy a CR2025 type coin cell to operate the remote. Click here

It is possible to communicate in an open area up to 8 meters. The remote controller has 60 degrees visual angle. It is possible to use with all the microcontrollers, especially with Arduino. You may see the library and sample application link in the documents section.

Kit includes:

  • 21 button remote controller
  • 1838B IR reciever
  • 1838B IR reciever sensor board
  • Jumper cables


  • Operating frequency: 38 kHz
  • Number of buttons: 21
  • Range: 8 meters
  • Visual angle: 60 degrees

Remote controller reading info:
It is possible to observe data from the RC in decimal form when you are using the modul with Arduino.

IR Receiver Module Wireless Remote Control Kit
IR Receiver Module Wireless Remote Control Kit
37.31 TL + VAT
44.78 TL
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