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ESP32 ESP-32S WiFi + Bluetooth Dual-Mode Development Board (38 Pin)

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  • ESP32 ESP-32S WiFi + Bluetooth Dual-Mode Development Board (38 Pin)

    ESP32 ESP-32S is a powerful processor development board with WiFi and Bluetooth. With more I/O pins, it provides the opportunity to make flexible and wide applications. Compared to Arduino boards, ESP32 Development Board has a larger memory of 4MB and a more powerful AVR processor with a clock speed of 160 MHz. Since it has a more powerful processor, it can be used instead of microcontroller cards such as Arduino, or it can be used as a peripheral with other microcontroller cards in the number of Wifi and Bluetooth features. It is suitable for use with breadboards with its 38-pin structure. There are 10 capacitive touch sensors on the development board. These sensors can detect objects with electrical charges, such as human hands. For this reason, the changes that occur when touching the pins with capacitive sensors can be easily detected.

    ESP32 ESP-32S WiFi + Bluetooth Dual-Mode Development Board (38 Pin) Features;

    • Dimension: 48.3 x 25.4mm
    • Weight: 9g
    • 160 MHz Clock Speed
    • Micro USB Connector
    • CP2102 USB Converter
    • 4 MB Flash Memory
    • Ram: 512Kb
    • ROM: 448 Kb
    • I/O : 3.3V
    • 2 DAC Channels 8 Bit
    • 10 Capacitive Sensitivity GPIOs
    • PWM: 16 Channels
    • 16 Channel 12 bit Analog Input
    • Internal 3 DBi PCB Antenna
    • 26 Can Use 32 Digital I/O pins
    • 4.2 BR/EDR BLE
    • 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz Built-in WIFI
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