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Adjustable 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator LM2596 With 7 Segment Displays

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  • This DC-DC step-down voltage regulator board has LM2596, a step-down switching regulator, on it. The regulator can pass through current up to 3A on itself. It's input voltage range is 4-35V and you can get an output voltage adjustable between 1.25-30V via the trimpot on the board. You can use this voltage regulator board in hobby and robotic projects. Also you can see the input and output voltage values on the 7 segment displays and you can set this values by looking at 7 segment displays. The button on the board controls the 7 segment displays. The displays has a precision of 0.1V.

    When using this board, the input voltage always must be higher than output voltage. IN+ is positive voltage input, IN- is GND input, OUT+ is positive voltage output, OUT- is GND output.

    • Input Voltage: 4-35V
    • Output Voltage: 1.25-30V
    • Input and Output Voltage values can be seen on 7 segment displays
    • Output Current: 3A
    • PCB Size: 68x35mm

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