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17HS3401S Nema17 Stepper Motor

Nema17 Stepper Motor, is a motor used in 3D printers and for projects that require precise control, such as CNC machines. Since it can be controlled numerically, it can be controlled by products such as computers or microprocessors. Since it can convert electrical energy into physical energy by rotational motion, it can change its angular position in steps. In addition, the motor has 4 wires, so it can be controlled together with DC motor drives working with H-bridge logic.

Nema17 Stepper Motor Technical Specifications:

  • Model No: 17HS3401S
  • Phase: 2
  • Step angle(degree): 1.8
  • Number of steps per lap: 200
  • Working current: 1.3 Ampere / Phase
  • Holding torque: 28 (Min)
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Motor length: 34 mm
  • Step angle accuracy: +- 5% (full step, not under load)
  • Resistance accuracy:+-10%
  • Inductance accuracy: +-20%
  • Ambient temperature: -20 --- +50 (degrees Celsius)
  • Insulation resistance: 100M Min,500VDC
  • Insulation strength: 500VAC for one minut
17HS3401S Nema17 Stepper Motor
17HS3401S Nema17 Stepper Motor
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