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PİNAX Solder Paste

Solder paste is one of the materials required for flawless, flawless soldering in soldering processes. You can use it safely in all your projects.

  • Does not cause corrosion
  • No conductivity
  • Preserved in a glass bottle
  • All electronics, circuit boards, electricity and so on. It is perfect for repairs.

Cream solder, also known as solder paste, consists of 62% tin, 36% lead and 2% silver alloy.

First, solder paste is applied to the holes where the circuit elements will be mounted. The circuit element is then placed on the electronic card. In order for the assembly process to take place, the electronic card is either transferred to the furnace where the process will be performed or soldering is performed by blowing on it with a hot air gun.

Solder paste also ensures clean soldering. It also serves to dissolve oxides by reducing the surface tension in the solder in soldering processes performed with standard solder wires. In this way, it cleans the area where the soldering will be made and provides a better quality soldering.

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PİNAX Solder Paste
PİNAX Solder Paste
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