P40/20 Electromagnet - 25KG Attraction Force

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  • This electromagnet operates with 12V and has a 25kg of attraction force.

    The lift weight of the product may vary depending on various factors: the type of metal, the thickness of the metal, whether the metal is coated or painted, the magnet is standing at an angle perpendicular to the weight, whether the weight is balanced.
    Depending on the factors mentioned above, the magnet can lift the max. 25 kilogram. If the proper conditions are not met, this weight value can be reduced to a few kilograms.
    • Dimensions: 40mm (diameter) x 22mm (height)
    • Operating voltage: 12VDC
    • Force: 25kg (250N)
    • Screw size: M5
    • Power: 8W

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