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Mecanum Wheel Set 80mm - Yellow (4 Pieces)

These high-quality, 80mm diameter wheels are designed to add 360º maneuverability to your project vehicles with easy turning and direct lateral movement. Each wheel consists of 9 rubber rollers and these rollers are placed between two plastic plates. You can make very high quality and high-end projects by using these wheels. You can use Mecanum wheel technology in all your projects, from your industrial projects to your hobby projects.

Thanks to Mecanum wheels, you can make your projects more functional.

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Mecanum Wheel 80mm Technical Specifications:

  • Color: Yellow
  • Quantity: 4 (2 x Right - 2 x Left)
  • Weight: 95g
  • Inner diameter: 4.4mm
  • Outer wheel diameter: 80mm
  • Thickness: 37mm
  • Captive Screw Diameter: M3
  • Captive Screw Head Diameter: 5mm
  • Number of lower wheels: 9
  • Carrying capacity: can bear 10 kg (4 together)

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Roller Type
Mecanum Wheel Set 80mm - Yellow (4 Pieces)
Mecanum Wheel Set 80mm - Yellow (4 Pieces)
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376.97 TL
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