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L9110 Pair Motor Driver Board

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L9110 Pair Motor Driver Board is a proper priced, and small sized DC motor driver board. L9110 motor driver IC is available on the board. Driver board works with 2,5-12V input voltage range. Through this board, you can drive two seperate DC motor at different directions or 4 cabled diphase step motor. Driver output voltage is 7,6V. Through this, baord can be used easily with 6V motors. Board delivers continuously 800mA and peak 2A. Board can be used at Mini sumos, line follower robots and various motor control implementations. Enaple pin is not available on the board. Channels are active all the time. PWM can be pluuged to inputs directly.
  • Board can control two motors seperately.
  • Deliver 800mA current per channel.
  • Deliver 7,5V voltage per channel.
  • Dimensions : 31 mm x 22 mm
  • Weight : 7 gr

Pin Mapping:
  • IA2: Left motor 1. input
  • IB2: Left motor 2. input
  • IA1: Right motor 1. input
  • IB1: Right motor 2. input
  • GND: Ground Connection
  • Vcc: Supply Voltage



L9110 Pair Motor Driver Board
L9110 Pair Motor Driver Board
30.59 TL + VAT
36.71 TL
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