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IRFZ44 - 49A 55V MOSFET - TO220 Mofset

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  • IRFZ44 - 49A 55V MOSFET - TO-220 Mosfet

    The word MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor and it means metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, an improved variant of field effect transistors (FET). They can be used for switching and power balancing purposes in analog and digital circuits. As with BJTs, MOSFETs also have 3 legs. These legs are called gate, drain and source. It can be used to amplify or change electronic signals, as the conductivity level can vary according to the voltage applied to the mosfet.

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    IRFZ44 - 49A 55V MOSFET - TO-220 Mosfet Technical Specifications:

    • Model: IRFZ44
    • Type: MOSFET
    • Sheath Type: TO-220

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