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Genesis Arduino Robot Board(Arduino NANO Not Included)

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  • Genesis Arduino Robot Card is a kind of Arduino Nano Shield. Thanks to the small-sized and highly usable Genesis Arduino Robot Card, you'll be able to easily perform mini-sumo robots, line-tracking robots, and small and medium-sized robots that can be flocked with this card.Below are the Arduino Nano and Genesis Arduino Robot Card pin layout table.

    D0 Empty  D11  Right Motor PWM (Right Motor Speed Control)
    D1 Empty  D12 Left Motor Direction Control
    D2 Empty  D13 Right Engine Direction Control
    D3 Left Motor PWM (Left Motor Speed Control) A0 Empty 
    D4 Empty  A1 Empty 
    D5 Dipswitch 1 Girişi A2 Empty 
    D6 Dipswitch 2 Girişi A3 Empty 
    D7 Dipswitch 3 Girişi A4 Empty 
    D8 Mode LED (Blue Led) A5 Empty 
    D9 Speaker A6 A6 Trimpot
    D10 Start Button & Module Input A7 A7 Trimpot

    You will be able to incorporate your sensors into your project without difficulty with 8 sensor inputs on the card and the GND, VCC, Signal pins positioned side by side.

    You can define eight separate start commands to your sumo robots with the two-position Dipswitch on the product. Thanks to two internal trimpots, the engine speed settings will not need to be edited software.

    Technical specifications:

    • Working Voltage: 8-24V
    • Idle Working Current: 5mA
    • Operating Current Per Channel: 3A
    • Current Operating Current Per Channel: 4A
    • Internal Protection: Yes
    • Built-in Temperature Protection: Yes
    • Built-in Short Circuit Protection: Yes
    • Dimensions: 98 x 38 x 18mm
    • Weight: 33g

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