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Flexible Coupling 5x12 mm D20L25

Flexible Coupling 5x12 mm D20L25, It is a flexible coupling with hole diameter. It helps you to make a connection between a 5mm motor shaft and a 5mm shaft. Due to its flexibility, it takes shape according to the pressure on the connected product. 3D printer, CNC, robotics etc. It can be easily used in products and applications that need conversion and connection.

Flexible Coupling 5x12 mm D20L25 Features;

  • Hole Diameter: 5x12 mm
  • Uzunluk: 25 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 18 mm
  • Material: Aluminum
Flexible Coupling 5x12mm D25L30
Flexible Coupling 5x12mm D25L30
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136.00 TL
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