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EMG Sensor- Movement of Muscle and Nerve Measuring Module

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  • The EMG Detector is a bridge which connects the human body and electronics. The sensor gathers small muscle signals then processes them with 2th amplifyer and filter. The output signal can then be recognized by Arduino and you can add this signal into your control system. In standby mode, the output voltage is 1.5V. When muscle activity is detected, the output signal rises up to a maximum voltage of 3.3V. So, it can be used with 5V or 3.3V systems.
    Package Contents:
    • Grove board that is connected to electrodes.
    • 6 pieces single surface electrode
    • Groveconnection cable(Normal cable and connection components can be used.)
    • 100cm electrode and board dec connection cable

    • Compatible with Arduino and different microcontroller systems.
    • 6 pieces single surface electrode
    • Analog voltage output
    • Power Supply Voltage: 3.3-5V
    • 100cm electrode cable


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