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DRV8833 Pair Motor Driver Board

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Through DRV8833 Motor Driver Board, you can seperately drive two motors which don't need high power. DRV8833 supports 2.7V - 10.8V voltage range and can deliver continuously 1.2A and peak 2A current. Board is solid and safe with it's reverse voltage, low voltage, high current and temperature protections.

Features :

  • Operation Voltage: 2,7-10,8 V
  • Output Current: Continuous 1.2A, peak 2A for each motor.
  • Motor ouputs can be connected as parallel. Through this, board can deliver continuously 2.4A , peak 4A current.
  • 3 V logic signal compatible inputs are available
  • Low voltage, over current and termal shotdown
  • Current limiting property is available on the board. For activating this property, you can cut fields which have shown in the picture with a knife and solder resistor to the shown field.
  • Information about resistor values for configurate current limiting value are available at product datasheet.
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  • Dimensions : 1.3 x 2 cm
  • Weight : 1 gr

Motor Connections :

Circuit schematic of Board :

Documents :
DRV8833 Pair Motor Driver Board
DRV8833 Pair Motor Driver Board
390.86 TL + VAT
469.03 TL
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