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Original Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano is a compact and powerful microcontroller board that will be the heart of your electronic projects. The Original Arduino Nano is an excellent choice for technology enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Here are the features that Arduino Nano offers:

Compact Design: Arduino Nano stands out with its small size, making your projects portable and space-saving.

ATmega328P Microcontroller: This board features the ATmega328P microcontroller, providing high performance and reliability.

Wide Connectivity Options: Arduino Nano offers a wide range of digital and analog input/output pins, PWM pins, and more, allowing you to easily integrate sensors, displays, and other external components.

Arduino IDE Support: Arduino Nano is compatible with the popular Arduino IDE, making coding and uploading easy.

USB Connectivity: Arduino Nano provides USB connectivity for programming and serial communication.

Various Applications: Arduino Nano offers an ideal platform for robotics, automation, IoT projects, and more.

Bring your electronic projects to life without limits with Arduino Nano. The Original Arduino Nano is a microcontroller board that offers reliability, performance, and ease of use.

Original Arduino Nano Technical Specifications:


  • ATmega328P microcontroller

Operating Voltage:

  • 5V

Digital Input/Output Pins:

  • 14 pins (6 of them can be used as PWM outputs)

Analog Input Pins:

  • 8 pins

DC Current Consumption:

  • Approximately 20 mA (in operating mode)

Flash Memory:

  • 32 KB (ATmega328P)


  • 2 KB (ATmega328P)


  • 1 KB (ATmega328P)

Internal Oscillator:

  • Yes

USB Interface:

  • Mini USB


  • 18.5 mm x 43.2 mm

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Original Arduino Nano
Original Arduino Nano
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