BBC Micro:Bit Edge Breakout

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BBC Micro:Bit
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- Hızlı ve tam teslimat - , Birkaç gün içerisinde elimde oldu. Micro-bit ve breadboardu birlikte kullanmak için kullanışlı bir ürün.
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  • This breakout board allows you to connect additional circuits and hardware to the pins on the edge of the BBC micro:bit. It provides access to a large number of processor pins allowing a lot of extra functionality to be added.
    • Provides additional I/O lines, access to buttons A and B, LED matrix outputs and I2C bus
    • 21 Pins broken out to a row of solderable pads
    • PCB includes a prototyping area with 3V and 0V rows
    • Labelled pins and clear straightforward documentation
    • Supplied pre-built so no soldering required
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 60x40x12mm
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