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AI-B2-32S is a development board for AIWB 2-32S modules. Shenzhen AI-Thinker Technology Co.,Ltd. It is a Wi-Fi and BT module. The module is as follows, a weapon with BL602 chip as core processor and mandatory Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n protocol and BLE 5.0 protocol. The BL602 chip has a low-power experience: a 32-bit RISC CPU, 276 KB of RAM and a variety of combinations including SDIO, SPI. UART, VDC, IR, PWM, ADC, DAC, PIR, and GPIO. It is widely available on the Internet.

Ai-WB2-32S-Kit Technical Specifications:

  • DIP-38 package.
  • It implemented the IEEE 802.11 B/g/n protocol.
  • Wi-Fi security Liked WPS / WEP / WPA / WPA2 Personal / WPA2 Enterprise / WPA 3.
  • It achieved a maximum speed of 72.2 Mbps and a bandwidth of 20 MHz.
  • Bluetooth BLE 5.0, Bluetooth Network.
  • Station + BLE mode, station + SoftAP + BLE mode applied.
  • Replaced 32 Bit RISC CPU and 276 KB RAM.
  • Safe Boot. ECC-256 signed images are supported.
  • Released real-time AES decryption (OTFAD) on QSPI and SPI Flash.
  • 128 TO mode.
  • It implemented AES 128, 192 and 256 bit encryptions.
  • 1/224/256 - Supports SHA.
  • True random number generator. (TRNG)
  • Successful public key accelerator (PKA) using multiple core processes. (This software enables the use of applications such as signature and verification.)
  • It cannot pass SDIO, SPI, UART, VDC, IR remote, PWM, ADC, DAC, PIR and GPIO.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi MAC / BB/RF/PA/ LNA / BT
  • Deep sleep changed multiple sleep modes with current 12ΜA.
  • Providing Quick Start of Universal AT commands.

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