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LilyPad Pixel Board - RGB LED Module

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  • LilyPad is quite handy and versatile product. It has a large audience of products that can be sewed. You can use it on your dresses, bag or fabric, in short any fabric that can be sewed by sewing LilyPad.

    There is a RGB LED on the LilyPad Pixel Board. In this way, it can be controlled easily to give light in the desired color. Each ones of D0, D1, and D2 pins can be activated each RGB colors (Red, Blue, Green). The desired color can be got easily by giving PWM value in various values to these pins.

    LilyPad eldiven projesi

    There are available lots of modules which are used with LilyPad’s products. LED, switch, battery slot, button can be sewed. Click for reviewing those products.

    • 20mm wided connection points which are can be sewed
    • 0,9mm tiny PCB

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