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5-35V 30A Pair Motor Driver Board

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: 1,491.08 TL + VAT
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: 1,789.30 TL
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This motor driver board can draw current up to 30 Amper under 5-35V DC voltage range condition. Board can drive two motors separately at the same time. Board can resist peak 50A.

Two terminals are available on the board. One of these terminals is motor and supply terminal, the other one is control part. Motor and supply parts have GND, MOTOR1, MOTOR1, MOTOR2, MOTOR2 and POWER respectively.

Board can be supplied with 5-35V voltage range via power connection. Motor1 ve Motor2 pins are motor connection terminals.

+5V, DIR1, PWM1, DIR2, PWM2 and GND pins are available at control part. Pins can be plugged to the 5V and ground for continuously turn or microcontroller for motor control. PWM pin is speed control pin and you can control speed of motors via this pin. DIR is direction pin and you can change direction of motor via this pin.



5-35V 30A Pair Motor Driver Board
5-35V 30A Pair Motor Driver Board
1,491.08 TL + VAT
1,789.30 TL
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