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YDLidar G6 Lidar Distance Sensor

YDLidar G6 Lidar Distance Sensor; It is a 360 degree 2D distance measurement sensor developed by YDLidar G6. It is based on distance measurement management and is equipped with an algorithm designed to perform optical, electrical, high-frequency and high-precision measurements on the device. It continuously acquires angle information through the 360-degree rotation of the motor to obtain precise distance to every surrounding object.


YDLidar G6 Lidar Distance Sensor Technical Specifications:

  • Angular Range: 360°C
  • Scanning Rate: 5/12Hz (can be done by the user.)
  • It provides strong resistance to the interference of ambient light.
  • Laser power meets class 1 laser power.
  • It provides stable distance measurement and high resistance.


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YDLidar G6 Lidar Distance Sensor
YDLidar G6 Lidar Distance Sensor
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