USB to CAN-BUS Converter Adapter

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  • This product is lower machine using 32-bit high-performance ARM chip development, PC software development based on previous experience of site commissioning CAN communication, as much as possible to achieve a powerful, easy to use.

    -Support win7 system, including 64-bit win7, CAN communication support maximum baud rate of 1M.
    -Perfect support for CAN standard frame (2.0A) and extended frame (2.0B) -Send and receive data, set the filtering will Standby function.
    Increased the saved communication data records (TXT and EXCEL in two ways).
    -In addition to sending and receiving data to increase the visual custom baud rate, auto-answer response data, millisecond data, while increasing the multi-frame data transmission options can be edited directly online data, etc., to make debugging easier.
    -The software interface can be switched between Chinese and English.
    -All configurations are automatically saved, the next time you can directly use
    -You can view the CAN bus status manually.
    -You can directly set the ID you want to accept.
    -Four operating modes to choose (Normal mode is mainly used to communicate directly with the CAN device; Loopback mode can be used for self-test converter, in this mode the converter will spontaneously receive, while sending data to the CAN bus; Silent mode can be used to monitor only the CAN bus data without affecting the CAN bus communication; Loopback quiet mode is generally used for thermal test CAN converter.)

    Product Name: USB-CAN Bus Converter
    Model: 532043
    Color: Grey Converter + Blue Cable
    Inner Material: Electronic Components
    Outer Material: Plastic
    Converter Dimensions: 66x27x9mm(Length x Width x Thickness)
    Cable Length: 145cm
    USB Cable: Mini USB

    Package Included:
    1 x USB-CAN Adapter
    1 x Mini USB Cable

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